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Taste the delicious mango power
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Taste the delicious mango power
Introducing Drinks

The Premium Vital energy drink brand designed to fuel your body and invigorate your mind! Crafted in the heart of Europe, Austria, our exceptional beverage is meticulously created to cater to the World market, as well as energize individuals across Africa and around the world. At Power Mandela, we understand the diverse needs and dynamic lifestyles of our global consumers. That’s why our team of experts has combined the finest ingredients with cutting-edge research to deliver a remarkable energy drink that transcends boundaries.

Power Mandela is a renowned and dynamic energy drink company that specializes in crafting premium vital energy drinks. With our headquarters located in the heart of Europe, Austria, we have gained a strong presence in both the local and global markets. Our mission is to provide individuals worldwide with a revitalizing beverage that not only fuels their bodies but also invigorates their minds. We are proud to announce that our products have expanded their reach to West Africa and East Africa, including countries such as Ghana, Uganda, Nigeria, Kenya, and more. We are thrilled to bring the invigorating experience of Power Mandela to these vibrant regions, catering to the diverse needs and lifestyles of individuals in these countries.


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